About Me


Hello and welcome to The Marshall Wardrobe.

My name is Samara. I am a nineteen year old fashion blogger and college student. I started this blog my freshmen year of high school because I always loved fashion magazines and I wanted to write my own pieces about fashion thus my blog was born. Blogging was probably the best thing that could happen to me because it helped my find my individual fashion sense and build up my confidence. Along with my blog I hope to grow  with it and reach new people and accomplish more goals. My blog has not only help me build my confidence but has also made me be more social and daring and has driven me to be the best that I can be.

The Marshall Wardrobe is a blog about self expression and individuality. We were all born with our own look and our own style and it's best to let it shine in the best way that you want it to. I really want to document some of my tips and tricks as to how fashion helps be more creative and more reflective. Also on The Marshall Wardrobe, I am here to talk about all means fashion whether it's about new trends and garments, different styles, or casual OOTD posts to gain some inspiration to help you with your next outfit choice.
I hope my blog inspires you to be more daring and risk taking when it comes your outfits so you can go find your own personal style and rock it.
Please feel free to contact me, leave comments or even follow as to I love to reach out and meet new peoples who share the same love for fashion as I do !