Barbados Sightseeing Video



Hello you guys,
So while I was in Barbados I took some random clips of the places I went to in Barbados. I knew I wanted to make a video to show all you guys which is what I did. In the video it shows Downtown areas of Bridgetown, restaurants, and beaches. I wanted to show you guys some really great aspects of taking a trip down to Barbados.
Also above I just put a few more photos of Barbados that I may not have posted along with the video. Here is the link on Youtube of my video in case you rather watch it there.

Just a short little warning/explanation. I used my phone and camera to take the videos so when I came together to edit it all the layouts switched from wide screen to fitted screen. I didn't even notice while I was filming that it would look like this but I had to work with what I got. I guess this is just a learning experience and next time I will know what to do when I film videos. As you can tell by now is that I am not a Youtuber and my editing is not that good but it's about the content that counts.

I really hope you guys enjoy this video. This is my last talk about Barbados as for now I will be going back to my fashion posts and hopefully will bring a little beauty and college topics in there as well.

Until Next Time,

Barbados Day Three and Four | 2017

Hello you guys,
So I have talked a lot about my trip to Barbados for a while now, and to be honest it has been a week since I have been back so I decided to put my third and fourth day together. Barbados was really fun and to be honest I am going to miss it. So if you want to see some really great shots I took then keep on reading.

Day Three of Barbados

Rundown // Shirt - Ross // Shorts - Ross // Sandals - Khols // Purse - Michel Kors

My third day in Barbados was a go out and go shopping kind of day. We really only went to Cave Shepard which is pictured above and a souvenir shop. I actually was not interested in shopping because I wanted to save my money up so I spent my time taking pictures. Bridgetown which is the city we went to was brightly colored, fun and energetic. Every single store was a different color almost and there was just a cool aesthetic there.
While in downtown Bridgetown I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. I think the one thing that stood out was my shirt from Ross. It was quite different because it was a nice baby blue color with a long ruffle along the side. I then decided to pair it with some black denim shorts because baby blue and black look so good together. Lastly I was originally going to wear white sandals but I tried on my brown pair of sandals and it fit so well with the rest of the colors. Lastly I just have on my black Michel kors bag.

Day three was amazing but it was nothing compared to day four ....
Day Four of Barbados

Rundown // Dress- Old Navy // Swimsuit - Target //

Let's just say that this is the most fun I ever had on a beach. EVER!
On my fourth day in Barbados we decided to go to a beach called The Boatyard. I heard that it was really fun but I didn't believe it ......... until I actually went.
The Boatyard was unbelievable!! They had live entertainment, a food bar, water sports, games, and you can get on a boat to go see sea turtles. We did everything there but my favorite part was going on the boat which was a pretty decent sized boat like the ones pictured above. We went out far to where you really have to know how to swim to be that far out. Of course we had life jackets and goggles in case anything happened. Once we stopped we were able to get out and swim around. I personal stayed near the boat because even with a life jacket on I was pretty scared. We had googles and masks to where we can look in the ocean to see the turtles. They were so cute and I really could not believe I was looking at one. After it was back on the boat and back to the beach for some lunch.

Well that is it!! My fun filled week in Barbados. Many peoples may not think of going to Barbados but it really is fun and different and I most definitely recommend it.

Thank you guys so much for reading I hoped you all enjoyed.

Until next time,

Barbados Day Two | 2017

Rundown // Shirt - Ross // Capri's - Old Navy // Shoes - Local Shoe Boutique // Backpack - TJMaxx

Hey you guys,
I am back with another blog post about Barbados. On my second day there we went on a charter bus tour all around the island which we then stopped at the beach for a picnic. Along the way we were able to get off and stretch our legs a bit. We stopped at a pier which is where the last four pictures above are at. It was really pretty. There were a lot of fisherman fishing for some seafood and a lot of roaming chickens and roasters in the area. I was quite confused as to how they were just out in the open when there was no farm around but I just learned to go with the flow.

After that we went back on the bus and drove around to see more of what Barbados has to offer until we stopped at the beach for our picnic. The beach was insanely beautiful with picnic tables to sit and eat at which was why we had stopped there. After we ate it was a little to chilly out to go swimming so I saw the lifeguard tower and decided to take some pictures there. To be honest I wasn't supposed to be up there but what beach administration doesn't know won't hurt them right. The lifeguard tower just really caught my attention and I thought it would be really great to post on Instagram or to even set as my wallpaper. I didn't get that many pictures of the beach but I will make sure to tag the location on my Instagram so you can see more.

Well that is all I have for this post. I still have a few more posts to put up about Barbados and let's just say that I have some amazing shots coming ahead.

Until next time,

Barbados Day One | 2017

Rundown // Swimsuit - Old Navy // Shorts - Thrifted // Flip-flops - Old Navy

( So I am writing this post on my third day of my Barbados trip. I'm on vacation and time got away from me so bear with me. )

Hi you guys,

           So this summer my whole family decided to take a trip to Barbados for a family reunion and I thought I would take some pictures to show you guys all that Barbados has to offer. Now if you look on a map you will probably think that Barbados looks very small but in reality it's actually very huge. It took maybe three hours just to go around the perimeter of maybe half of the Island but more about that later now let's get into what I actually did on my first day.

Well the first thing we all wanted to do is go to the beach! I can't even lie I was really looking forward to it too. There were many different beaches so we went to the one closest to us. I forgot the name but when I find out I will be sure to update you guys. My beach attire was pretty casual. I am first wearing an all black cut out swimsuit from Old Navy. I love it so much cause its a little risky due to the cut out in the front and the whole back out but it's a one piece so it's nothing cheeky. Next I am wearing a pair of Thrifted shorts for only three dollars. Such a great deal! I am forever now sticking to thrifted clothes. Lastly I am just wear a pair of white flip flops from Old Navy as well. I am not much of a flip flop girl but it's the national shoe for the beach.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I am here for a whole week so I will have many different post all about the different treasures here in Barbados.

Until Next Time,