Highschool Graduation | 2017

 Rundown// Dress- Macy's // Shoes - DSW // Necklace - Rue21

Hey you guys,
I have been total MIA but for a good reason. As you can tell from this whole post I just graduated high school last night and what an epic night, no epic year it was. I knew I was going to graduate but it just seemed like I would have to wait years for it to happen. Who knew it would come by this fast. It was an emotional night for many but for me I was just ready to leave. You have no idea how ready I am to go to college and jumpstart my career. So before I embark on my journey I just thought I give a little outfit details on my graduation gear.
So first I am wearing a black and white bodycon dress from Macy's. Since my robe was red I had to get something that would go well with red so I thought a white dress would be a perfect fit. Next I wore black flats because our field was turf. I didn't want to wear heel and potential fall so flats it was. Lastly I have on a statement necklace from Rue21.  The necklace really finished the whole look off.

Well that is it for this post. I have another post coming soon and in that post I will be reminiscing about my whole high school experience. I have a lot to say about high school and hopefully through some of my advice I can inspire any one who still has a few more years of high school to do. As for right now it's time to celebrate!!

Comment down below when you graduated. I feel like so many peoples graduated this year cause every time I went on Instagram or Facebook everyone was posting so many graduation photos.

Until next time,

A School Breeze

Rundown // Dress - Ross // Flip Flops - Rue21 // Necklace - Rue21

When you want to go to the beach but you have to go to school instead.

Hey you guys, it has been a long week. Just yesterday it was around 50 degrees and it was raining. I really cannot wait until the summer so that I can hangout, go to the beach and just relax. Lately I have seen a lot more bohemian dresses in places like Ross and TJMaxx that are absolutely gorgeous. Dresses like the one will be perfect to wear to the beach so I thought I might snag some others before summer starts. I can't wait to show you all of  them but here is one outfit pairing with one of the dresses.
So in this outfit the dress I have on is from Ross. I was amazed that I saw this dress in Ross because I am used to seeing bold print type of dresses. Ross is really stepping up their game. Next I didn't have in white sandals so I opted for some white flip-flops from Rue 21. One thing I like about Rue21 is their sales. I got theses flip-flops and another pair on a buy one get one 50% off so in all I paid eight dollars. Lastly I have on a necklace from Rue21 as well. It has my zodiac sign of Virgo so I thought that was really cool. Shout out to all my Virgos !!

Well that is all for this post. I really hope you guys enjoyed. With summer coming up really soon comment down below you summer plans. I don't have much planned for this year so I trying to find some ideas.

Until Next Time,