Afterschool Vibes

Rundown // Jacket - Forever21 // Shirt - Old Navy // Jeans -  Ross // Sandals - Local Shoe Boutique // Hat - Khol's

And I'm back !!!
Hey you guys, so it has been a hectic last few weeks because of school. I am a senior in high school and I am dealing with A LOT of last minute things to do. Even though I have a billion of things to do for school I still love to dress up and pose for pictures. For now since most schools are about to break for summer I think my next few posts will be school/graduation related so there might be a few different dress up occasions in there. Now on to the post ...

It was so nice outside and I had to take advantage of the sun. My outfit has more of a street style in it so I just like how it looks in front of a brick wall, it gives off an urban look and a nice aesthetic. First I have on this jean jacket from Forever21. I love it so much that I wear at least once every week. I have been dying for a longer jean jacket to pull off looks like theses. There was also an added detail on the back of my jacket that I forget to get a picture of but I will soon because this jacket is literally  my go to jacket.  Next I have on a nice white with black striped shirt from Old Navy. Then some back jeans from Ross along with these gladiator sandals from a local shoe boutique. Lastly I have on a baseball cap that says "Cute, but Psycho". This outfit is one of my fave go to, casual outfits to wear.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. Comment down below your favorite go to outfits for a nice, sunny, causal day.

Until next time,

Senior Talk | 2017


Hello you guys,
Today is April 17 and lately I have had a lot on my plate because I am in my senior year of high school. Being a senior in high school is fun, don't get me wrong, but for me there is a lot to do, accomplish and enjoy. Here are a few things that has been the top of my senior list.

First my main goal/concern right now is college and as you can tell from the picture above I got accepted to SCAD. I am really excited because really want to go ahead and dive right into my studies so I can hopefully accomplish my dreams and work in the fashion industry.
Even thought this is a huge accomplishment it did not come easy. ACT and SAT testing was a struggle and a lot of money. I know the ACT is $42.50 a test and I took it four times. I finally managed to make a decent score and I am so happy I will not have to take it again.
Next my plan is to get a part time job to hopefully earn some money that I can use in college since I will be somewhat far from my family.

Second, along with the stress of college application there is prom as well. Prom is one of the biggest nights of the year and the stress is on. I remember that I did odd jobs like babysitting and other chores to get some extra money to pay for my nails and jewelry. Even though I do not like doing chores it all paid off because prom was an epic day for me.

To check out more about my prom experience check out the link here:

Lastly we have graduation. As of right now I have thirty eight days until I graduate and I am excited for it but I feel like this is going to be the longest thirty eight days I will endure. All the seniors in my school want to graduate so there is quite some stress to keep up our grades and pay off all money dues that we might have. As of right now I am in good standing so I just have to make sure to keep my head held high and really enjoy theses last moments.

That's all I have for this post. If you are a senior or have been or will be then comment down below some things that you are worried about or have been worried about. Sometimes I like to talk to other seniors or peoples who have been in my position to kind of get some advice to help me get along through the year.

Until next time,