Being Single on Valentines Day | Things to do

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Valentines day is coming up shortly and yet again I am single and if you are single too then you know my pain. Then again Valentines day is not all so bad. It is the holiday for love so even thought we may not have a significant other in out life we can always spend it with the ones we love doing the things we love.

 Things to do with the family 

1.) Go out to eat with the family.
Valentines Day is on a Tuesday this year so a fun little thing to do on Valentines day could be to take the family out for dinner.

2.) Make Desserts
I love making desserts with my siblings, we come up with the most crazy creations. Grab some cookies, icing, sprinkles you name it. The whole family will be down for some delicious treats.
Things to do with your friends
1.) Throw a singles day bash
The weekend before or after Valentines Day you can throw a singles bash. Get all your friends together and just hang out, talk, listen to music, whatever you might like.

2.) Go to the movies
Have you and your friends been wanting to go see the new scary movies or the new funny comedy that is in theaters, you can plan a little outing to go see the movie.

3.) Have a Valentines secret cupid exchange
Just like Secret Santa you could do Secret Cupid. You can put all your names in a hat and you all pick out a name from that hat. Whoevers name you get you can buy them a Valentines day gift. Great for all the single gals out there.

 Things to do by yourself 

1.) Netflix night
Grab yourself some popcorn and watch your favorite Netflix movies.

2.) Pamper yourself
While everyone else out there are going on dates you can focus on yourself. Have a nice bath, do your nails, make a facial, whatever you like.

I hope that I gave you guys a few different ways you can spend valentines day. Remember that it's ok to not to have a boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentines day, in my opinion if you don't have one you can still spend it with the ones you love.

I think I will do one more posts about valentines day very soon. I cannot wait!!


                                                                Until Next Time,

The Casual Dress Up

Rundown // Flannel- Macy's //Top - Forever21 // Jeans - Ross // Booties - Charlotte Russe // Purse - Gucci

Hey you guys,
So the weather where I am is ridiculously bi-polar that one day it will be cold and then the next day it will be warm. Sometimes it's hard to plan outfits because the weather is always changing but I make the most out of it. On this day it was a bit more warm so I opted for more of a  loose, casual outfit. Also I tried to take pictures in new background and in some of these photos I'm in front of my garage which I think would be a perfect background for summer pictures because of the way the trees reflect upon the window. It's just gorgeous. Now on to the outfit.

So for this look like I said I wanted it to be on the more casual side. First I wore my grey top with a white flannel because when I think of casual I go for more loose fitting and basic tops. I still wanted to dress it up a little bit and paired it with some black jeans and my booties. Literally the best way to dress up an outfit is a nice pair of booties and I wear theses pair all the time. They are defiantly a closet staple. Lastly to add a pop of color to my grey, black, and white outfit I just wore my red over the shoulder purse.

That is it for this post. I have to say that I love post outfit posts on my blog. They are by far the favorite thing that I like to post but I also like doing seasonal, holiday posts and with Valentines day on the rise I hope to put up some Valentines outfits and DIY'S. I can't wait to get started.

Until Next Time,

Layered Up

Rundown // Hat - Gift Shop // Coat - Khol's // Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Pants - Ross // Booties - Charlotte Russe // Scarf - Walmart // Purse - Forever21

Hey you guys,
So this is my first post of the new year and it is literally photos from last year. Since I had my Christmas series I didn't have time to post some of the old photos that I have had in my camera. The next few posts will mostly be like that but then afterwards I might put up some valentines outfits and DIY'S up, which I really want to do because I have never done that type of posts before. I hope you guys don't mind but once I get some of the older pictures that I really want to post out of the way new seasonal posts will be on the way.
Now on to the outfit.

When I was wearing this I was in Pennsylvania so it was really cold there and I had to layer up quite a bit. First I will start off with my pink hat which I actually got from the hotel's gift shop that I was in. It kind of matches my outfit but then again it kind of doesn't but it was cold so I wore it anyways and plus it was the cutest thing I bought there so I had to wear it. Lol. Next I am wearing a long grey trench coat which I got from Khol's. Under it I am wearing a turtleneck sweater which I got from Charlotte Russe and wearing theses two together really kept me from freezing. Next I am wearing some brightly colored jeans from Ross which had a hole in them so I wore legging under them. Along with that I am wearing my favorite booties from Charlotte Russe. I am also wearing a blanket scarf which I got from Walmart a while back which is a must have for every type of wardrobe. Lastly I am carrying along with me my over the shoulder purse I got from Forever21.

That is all for this outfit. I really love posting kind of OOTD outfits because they really truly give me inspiration for putting together future outfits for the future.

Until Next Time,