Saying Goodbye To My Summer Pieces

Hey you guys,
So it's officially Fall which means sweaters, boots, and hot chocolate but it also means saying goodbye to all my favorite summer pieces. Here in this post I will name some of my favorite staples that I wore this summer.

This shirt was my absolute favorite for many reasons like the frills on the side and the baby blue suede material it was made out. It's an outfit maker if that makes sense. You can have a plain pair of black jeans and some nice sandals but when you put on this top I feel like the outfit is taken to another level.

This top to me was versatile I guess because you can dress it up and down. When I was in Barbados I wore this top to both the beach and a restaurant taken for granted it was in the same day but still.

This was definitely my go to classy party look and another of my favorites. It has a bit of a low V in the front so that you could show a little cleavage but it had this nice sheer material and nice shape that put a nice classy look on it.

This actually was a distressed pair of denim shorts I got from  thrift store. Theses were my favorite because they were high waisted and I spent a total of $3 buying theses. I total steal!!

Next if you want to talk about a perfect summer bag then here is one right here. I bought this from Forever21 because I wanted a purse of this color. I was a little afraid at first because I thought it wouldn't go with everything but it actually did! It was great to wear during the day when my outfits are usually bright and fun!

Lastly we have a shot of theses vertical striped shorts. It definitely gave me some nautical vibes especially when going to the beach.


Well I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Comment down below some of your past summer staples. Now I'm off to pack them away for now and bring out the cozy sweaters.

Until Next Time,


Victoria Secret PINK Collegiate Backpack Review

Hey you guys,
So I was meaning to get this post out a long time ago when a lot of schools were starting in August but a few things got in the way  but I do know that there are a few schools and colleges that start in September so I thought I should get this post out before back to school season is officially over.

So last year started this trend of Victoria Secret PINK backpacks. I was enduring my senior year of high school and all along down the hall I saw so many girls with theses backpacks  and I do have to say they were kind of cute but also were pretty expensive. I did not have one my senior year but I made sure to save up my money to buy one for college and I am here to give you guys my honest review.
Here is the link to the backpacks just in case you want to check them out yourselves.
Now if you go to the website or in stores the backpacks come in many different colors. I opted to get a grey color because I wanted something neutral and basic and not to loud in color. The backpacks did end up costing a whopping $70 with taxes which is the most I have ever spent on a backpacks but it probably was a good investment.
There are six different compartments to where you can keep your belongs in and one of them is specifically tailored to keep your laptop in which I thought was neat because I never had a compartment to hold my laptop. The rest of the compartments are the same as other backpacks where you have a big space to hold all your book and smaller spaces to hold little things like pencils and pens. There is also a zipper at the bottom of the book bag where you can store stuff but it is a little small and would be best to hold things like index cards and so on. As for the rest of the backpacks there are two mesh water bottles holders on each side and padded straps for support.
My final thoughts are that yes the backpacks are pretty pricey but like I said is a good investment because I feel like theses book bags will last you for a few years. If everything goes well I hope to use my book bag all through out college.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I hope it helps anyone who was maybe thinking to buy one. It definitely seems like a good book bag that will last you a long time.

Until Next Time,

( Disclaimer: This was not sponsored at all. I just know theses backpacks are a huge trend and I wanted to give my honest review to anyone who is a little uneasy about buying one. )

Tips To Start A Blog | 2017

Hey you guys,

So this one is for my non bloggers out there who want to become a blogger or YouTuber. Obviously I am not a YouTuber, I like to make my own content but rather in blogs posts and not YouTube videos but the tips I give in this posts could go for both soon to be bloggers and YouTubers. Also note, theses are just a few of my own tips that I have created. I am not a professional but I had this blog for going on four years now so I have learned a few things.

The Camera

You DO NOT need to go out and buy a $500 camera!!
I feel like a lot of peoples think they need a really big and fancy camera to start their blog or YouTube but in reality you do not. When I first started my blog in 2013 I used my IPhone 4 camera which was not the best quality but today we have IPhone 6 and 7's with really amazing cameras you can use. I personally opted to get a camera because my photos were taking up space in my phone so for Christmas I got the FijiFilm FinePix S which was $150. This camera has a more reasonable price and definitely is a great starter camera. So If you need a camera and is on a budget then defiantly find lower price starter cameras or use your cellphone and then save up for a better one later on down the line.

The Topic

What do you want your blog or YouTube to be about??
I love fashion and makeup so they are going to be main focuses on my blog because I know a lot about different fashion and makeup trends. Your blog is simply yours, it's about you and what your passionate about so if you like food then you could make a blog about your favorite foods and recipes or if you like traveling then you can blog about your travels. You don't essentially have to go with what everyone is doing, if you are passionate about something then share your love with others and let them know why you love to cook or love to travel.


This is completely optional but it helps.
If you like to take pictures or make videos indoors then having some equipment is helpful. I myself have bought studio lights and a backdrops that I can setup inside. Here is the link to the one I bought: Click here for link to the Photography Kit I use . Like I said equipment is optional and there are alternatives. For background you can easily film in front of a blank wall or in your bedroom or wherever you would like your back ground to be. As for lighting you can film in front of an window so the natural lighting can hit your face and the photo/video looks lighter and clearer. I didn't have a window to film in front of with a good background so that's when I ordered a photography setup kit so I can have the ability to film wherever in my house and do not have to worry about the background or not having enough light.

Here are a few photos of my equipment below.

Blog templates
I am going to put this under equipment cause technically it is equipment in a way.
Blog are made up by different codes/HTML and with those codes an can make graphics for your blog. I know nothing about codes and HTML so I bought a blogging template. There are many different templates where I saw some as high as $60 but as low as $5. You can go to and search blogger templates and many will show up that you can choose from. Of course this is optional as well and if you are good at HTML then you can make your own graphic and templates or if not there are YouTube videos that can show you all about HTML for blogs.

Make sure you blog or vlog for the right reasons.
I have heard this many times before and I agree with it because it is important and that is to make sure you are blogging or vlogging for the right reasons. I blog because it's fun. I feel like this my own little magazine and I am the editor and I can post and talk about whatever I feel or what I would like to share. Your reasons don't have to be the same as mine but I do hope there is some passion behind why you blog or vlog. Make sure you want to start your own blog or YouTube because that's is something you truly want to do or try. Many peoples take this on as a hobby as do I others and others do it for careers but we blog because we love it.

That is it for today's post. This was a fun post to do because it was different from the posts I usually do. I hope you guys enjoyed!

Until Next Time,

Denin and Stripes + Blogging Updates

Rundown // Dress - Old Navy // Jacket - Forever21 // Sandals - Shoe Depot // Necklace - Rue21

Hey you guys,
Wow so I think it's safe to say that back to school season is definitely in full effect unfortunately not for me because I will not start college until January which is one long complicated story which I might do separate post about later on. So right now I find myself with a bit of time on my hands which I will devote to my blog, social media outlets and maybe even get a job if I can find any openings in my area. Even though I have time to just sit at home and focus on myself  I do find myself in a rut because its hard sitting at home and watching my friends in college making other friends, going to parties, having classes and everything. Don't get me wrong I am happy that my friends are enjoying themselves but I guess I get a bad feeling knowing that I should be doing that to and that I want to experience what college is like right now. Unfortunately I do have to wait until January so for right now I just have to take advantage of my time and use it to network and live in the moment and so on. I also might post ways to get out of a rut because I think for me and others in my age group we can really find ourselves in one.

Ahh well that was a lot. I just thought I give maybe a little update since I didn't want this to be just an outfit post. I know on my blog that was kind of my niche was just OOTD posts but I really have been researching some ideas for some future blog post to publish along with my OOTD posts and also while speaking of OOTD let's just take a look back on my outfit above. This is definitely a prime example of how I pair my jean jacket with almost everything which includes black and white striped T-shirt dresses. fun fact, I actually got this dress two sizes up from my normal size. I usually opt for a large but I got a 1X because I wanted it to fit bigger and longer on me. I usually do that with most clothing because at some store certain fabrics are not the best and they tend to shrink but by this dress being from Old Navy I knew the shrinking would not be that much of an issue but I just wanted it to fit bigger on me. Next I paired it with kind of crystaly sandals which as I look at them now I really don't like. I think a pair of regular short, black gladiator sandals would have been better. Lastly I have on a small necklace which is kind of hard to see in the photos because it was behind me dress. Fashion blogger problems.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my post as I continue to bring new content and new ideas to my blog to spice things up a bit.

Until Next Time,

Barbados Sightseeing Video



Hello you guys,
So while I was in Barbados I took some random clips of the places I went to in Barbados. I knew I wanted to make a video to show all you guys which is what I did. In the video it shows Downtown areas of Bridgetown, restaurants, and beaches. I wanted to show you guys some really great aspects of taking a trip down to Barbados.
Also above I just put a few more photos of Barbados that I may not have posted along with the video. Here is the link on Youtube of my video in case you rather watch it there.

Just a short little warning/explanation. I used my phone and camera to take the videos so when I came together to edit it all the layouts switched from wide screen to fitted screen. I didn't even notice while I was filming that it would look like this but I had to work with what I got. I guess this is just a learning experience and next time I will know what to do when I film videos. As you can tell by now is that I am not a Youtuber and my editing is not that good but it's about the content that counts.

I really hope you guys enjoy this video. This is my last talk about Barbados as for now I will be going back to my fashion posts and hopefully will bring a little beauty and college topics in there as well.

Until Next Time,

Barbados Day Three and Four | 2017

Hello you guys,
So I have talked a lot about my trip to Barbados for a while now, and to be honest it has been a week since I have been back so I decided to put my third and fourth day together. Barbados was really fun and to be honest I am going to miss it. So if you want to see some really great shots I took then keep on reading.

Day Three of Barbados

Rundown // Shirt - Ross // Shorts - Ross // Sandals - Khols // Purse - Michel Kors

My third day in Barbados was a go out and go shopping kind of day. We really only went to Cave Shepard which is pictured above and a souvenir shop. I actually was not interested in shopping because I wanted to save my money up so I spent my time taking pictures. Bridgetown which is the city we went to was brightly colored, fun and energetic. Every single store was a different color almost and there was just a cool aesthetic there.
While in downtown Bridgetown I got a lot of compliments on my outfit. I think the one thing that stood out was my shirt from Ross. It was quite different because it was a nice baby blue color with a long ruffle along the side. I then decided to pair it with some black denim shorts because baby blue and black look so good together. Lastly I was originally going to wear white sandals but I tried on my brown pair of sandals and it fit so well with the rest of the colors. Lastly I just have on my black Michel kors bag.

Day three was amazing but it was nothing compared to day four ....
Day Four of Barbados

Rundown // Dress- Old Navy // Swimsuit - Target //

Let's just say that this is the most fun I ever had on a beach. EVER!
On my fourth day in Barbados we decided to go to a beach called The Boatyard. I heard that it was really fun but I didn't believe it ......... until I actually went.
The Boatyard was unbelievable!! They had live entertainment, a food bar, water sports, games, and you can get on a boat to go see sea turtles. We did everything there but my favorite part was going on the boat which was a pretty decent sized boat like the ones pictured above. We went out far to where you really have to know how to swim to be that far out. Of course we had life jackets and goggles in case anything happened. Once we stopped we were able to get out and swim around. I personal stayed near the boat because even with a life jacket on I was pretty scared. We had googles and masks to where we can look in the ocean to see the turtles. They were so cute and I really could not believe I was looking at one. After it was back on the boat and back to the beach for some lunch.

Well that is it!! My fun filled week in Barbados. Many peoples may not think of going to Barbados but it really is fun and different and I most definitely recommend it.

Thank you guys so much for reading I hoped you all enjoyed.

Until next time,