Nautical Blue

Rundown /// Top - Old Navy // Shorts - Old Navy // Shoes - Local shoe boutique // Purse - Gucci // Necklace - Rue21

Hey you guys I'm back. Well semi back.
I just went on vacation about three weeks ago and then I had marching band practice all week last week so litteraly when I got home I was just to tired to make a blog post. Luckily I have more time this week and along with this post I am going to try to post one or two more before school starts for me on August 1.

Now on to the outfit. Now this may look like a two piece but literally when I went to Old Navy both the shirt and the short were in different sections of the store and when I saw both of them I was like I might as well put them together. The funny thing is that I know they were not together because in the shorts the have a white design and the shirt has a light blue design in it. You may not see it because of the camera but in real life the detailing is way different colors. Also just a little side note about these shorts. I have rather bigger thighs and sometimes I don't like to show them off but lately I have gained much more confidence as to wearing shorts cause it's my body and I just have to learn to love it. I am still going to try to slim down my thighs a little so I may start a fitness routine, I am still debating but let me know if you have any suggestions. Okay so next getting on with the rest of the outfit I just paired my outfit with these black sparkly sandals from a local shoe boutique near me. Next I am just wearing my Gucci purse and literally if you have not noticed I wore this on the 4th of July. Yes, I am just now putting up these pictures but literally better late than never, right? Lastly I just put on a nice white statement necklace.

Well I hoped you guys enjoyed my post.

Just some updates.
*I think after this week I will really really try to stick to a schedule of posting on Wednesday and Saturday's of the week once school starts. 
*I still have not gotten a new blog layout but it is coming soon because I have been wanting a new layout for the longest so I am really working on it.
*Lastly, I really want to start doing some collabs with other blogger because I did some collabs on different social media platforms so I really want to do one on my blog since I really love blogging and would love to reach out to others who would like to do so as well.

Until next time,

My Trip to Boston Massachusettes | 2016

Hey you guys,
So just last week I took a trip to Massachusetts which I have to say is so beautiful. The whole place was just very historic since it has been around since 1603.
Right here I just took a picture of the state capital. There were protesters along the sided so that's why you see a news van.

Right here I just took a picture of the building and they looked so gorgeous like seriously I would live here. The only downside maybe is the constant traffic and people but when you live in the city those are just some things you have to get used to.

I forgot to read what this is, maybe I will look it up later but I posed right in front of it and hit my head on the sword that was stocking down. #Imsoclusmy

This is me right in from of the Washington statue. I could not get a read on this one but I want to say this is him during the Civil War where he served as a general.

Quick little outfit details. I wore this Romper from Old Navy and usually Old Navy is not my store but once I saw this romper I just had to have it. Post walking in the park we went shopping so I wanted to wear something that was very stylish and comfortable. It was also a little chilly so I wore a light sweater as well. Lastly I decided to bring my over the shoulder Michel Kors purse and gladiator sandals.

Oh we also went on a boat ride which was super cute and fun.
Well that's all for this post even thought I wish I had gotten more pictures but there were little kids with me and you can only take so far. Oh well hopefully I can go back soon.

Also I changed my blog name to The Marshall Wardrobe. I liked this better than The Fashion Marshall because it reminded me of like the fashion police so I was like The Marshall Wardrobe since my last name is Marshall and I mostly talk about things that come from my closet. I am also working to change the layout of my blog which will hopefully be soon.

Thank you guys so much for reading.

Until Next time,

4th of July Outfit Inspiration

Hi you guys,
This post took a lot to do. Believe it or not we took these pictures right when the sun came up cause it was a bit cooler outside.
So the 4th of July is coming up and to me it is the most popular post among fashion bloggers and beauty vloggers so I thought that I might post a little outfit inspiration. This is my first time ever doing so and a lot of this went wrong like I lost my flag, my hair was not cooperating, and I ended up super busy and could not post this until now. Next year hopefully everything goes better. :)

1st Outfit

 RUNDOWN // Shirt - Marshalls // Shorts - Wlamart // Shoes - Converse // Jacket - WetSeal // Glasses - Dollar store

Here is my first outfit if you want to go more casual. I am not really a huge shorts fan cause my thighs are a little big but over the years especially by having a fashion blog I learned to gain more confidence while wearing shorts and just loving my legs better.
To start off my shirt is from Marshalls. I searched forever to find a shirt like this cause I wanted a shirt that was a darker red color. My shorts are from Walmart. These short actually fit pretty well so I may go back and get some more. I am just wearing my white converse to complete the red white and blue theme. I also have my jean jacket from Wetseal. Lastly, I have these sunglasses which I got from the dollar store because they complete the whole 4th of July theme.

2nd outfit

 RUNDOWN // Top - Macy's // Skirt - Rue21 // Shoes - Converse // Jacket - Forever 21

Hey it's summer and I wanted to be daring. I never wore a skirt with sneakers so I was like why not.
My shirt is from Macy's. It's really cute and bright which brighter colors can help make you stand out. My skirt is from Rue21. Which it looks like a dressy skirt but I used that to make this look more daring. My shoes are from Converse and my top I have around my waist is from Forever21.

3rd  outfit

 RUNDOWN //  Top - Forever21 // Skirt - Ross // Sandals - Local shoe boutique // Headband - Rue21

 If you are filling a little more girly or maybe perhaps you have a date that day then here is a nice look for you. First I have on this white top from Forever21. I really love this top cause of the detail at the top. I do not know what that is called but it is a huge trend now. Also the selves don't cling on to my skin but this would be a better shirt to wear at night. Next I am wearing this skirt from Ross and I literally love this color especially during the winter. I am wearing my sandals from a local shoe boutique. Lastly you may not be able to see it but I am wearing blue headband to complete the red, white, and blue, theme.

I really hoped you enjoyed this post cause I love making new posts for my blog !!
I couldn't get a new layout yet but I am still working on it because I really want a new layout for my blog cause I don't really like the one I have currently.
Also I am going on vacation so be on the look out for a vacation/travel post.

Until next time,