Prom Experience + Prom outfit details | 2016

// Dress - Dillards // Jewelry - Icing // Clutch - Icing // Shoes - Local shoe boutique //

Hey you guys,
So yesterday I actually went to my first junior prom, and I have been waiting for this day since forever.

So the experience for me was fantastic. The venue that we went to was called Ventannas in Atlanta, Georgia. I did not get to take that many pictures of the place but let's just say that we were on a rooftop and you could literally see the view of Atlanta. So the whole night it was basically just dancing the night away. I really don't go to that many parties or dances that much since my school does not host that many but prom was the best dance I went to. Plus I went with a group of friends which made it even better even though next year I really might want to go with a date. I just now really can't wait for my senior prom now. The prom was more for the seniors anyway because there were 2016 balloons everywhere and there were a couple of dances that were just for the seniors only. I feel like next year I will have more fun and more things planned as well as far as in pre and post plans. I also this year felt a little rushed as in to get everything done so to really make my senior prom the best ever I am going to start planning in October and make sure I have everything together.

Okay so now on to my outfit details. Okay so first and which is the most important part is my dress. I got my dress for Dilliards. When I tried the dress on I really liked it. I never get a chance to wear dresses like this so I wanted to try something like this. Next year I might try a different type of dress cause next year I want to go for more of a statement, not your typical average prom dress.
Next all of my jewelry and my clutch are from Icing. Now I usually don't wear silver that much but I felt like for a prom it would be a better color to wear. Lastly my shoes are from a local shoe boutique which were super affordable. Overall this prom was really amazing. As far as my outfit I really wanted to dress up more but my mom kind of reminded me that this was only my junior year and that I need to wait until my senior year to wear something more fancy.

Spring break is a week away so I will have more posts coming on the way.

Until next time,

My Photography Experience

Hey you guys. So since I start college next year I really want to get a handle of  the different programs that I would want to major and minor in. While fashion is the major I want to pursue I really want to minor in photography. I just love capturing beautiful moments through nature and people.

Usually a photo shoot for me is going  outside and having my cousin takes my picture and I will edit them later. This time I took behind the camera and took picture of my friends from school.

Models for left to right -
Giovanna Rodriquez, Bari Hubbard, Aryan Azarian

One of my favorite picture of Aryan. I really loved how his glasses kind of turned into sunglasses and gave him a more cool look. To me it's like he's rebellious with the pose he took just slightly looking diagonal from the angle the camera was shooting of him.

Bari had such laid back hipster vibe going on. She chose to wear a black shirt which I thought looked really well against the brick wall and her poses were both cool, laid- back and funny as well. She really knows how to make other laugh.

Giovanna has that photogenic face which made it really fun to take pictures of her. This was one of my favorite because to me the vibe of this photo felt like " the good girl is being left out" actually if I were to take a couple of more pictures behind this gate of her and made a post that would probably be the name of it.

These pictures turned out really well and I am so happy that I had this photo shoot. They are not the best pictures, and that was one thing that I was worrying about because I have a, well not a cheap camera but its not as high quality as many other cameras, so I was afraid that the quality would go bad. Also we didn't have a lot of location to do a photo shoot at because I can't drive to different locations. #Ionlyhavemypermit
Practice make perfect so hopefully there are many more photo shoot to come later on in the future. I also plan on buying a used camera from eBay just to kind of practice using better quality cameras until I can afford my own.

I really hoped you enjoyed this post and I will soon have more coming up, hopefully a DIY.

Until next time,

Urban School Grounds

Rundown // Jacket - Thrifted // Top - Forever21 // Jeans - Khols // Booties - Charlotte Russe // Necklace - Rue21 //

Hello you guys,

So the weather is finally warming up now well a little. During this little photo shoot I had with my friends it was still a little chilly outside but basically where I live the weather goes to hot tov cold to warm and back to cold again. I still have some pictures of outfits from a couple of weeks ago, even one with a large oversized sweater. I think that I will post those pictures near the last day of winter just for a whole recap of the winter season for me.

Okay so on with the outfit details. Okay so first I am wearing my brown leather jacket which I think is thrifted. Leather jackets are really not my thing that much but I love the way it looks with many of my outfits. Next I just need to find a way to wear it with dresses and skirts. Then I have on a plain grey tee from Forever 21 and Forever21 is famous for its basic tee and dresses which are perfect for dressing up or wearing down. I am also wearing my distressed skinny jeans from Khols. They were acturally not distressed when I bought them, I did them myself which made them totally more fashionable. Next I have on my cut out booties from Charlotte Russe. Lastly, I have on my statement necklace from Rue21 for only $2. I love going to Rue 21 because they have such great deals.

So my next post will be kind of my intake on photography. I will be showing you guys some of the pictures I took while either me talking about my experience of photography or me asking questions to the models I used.
Until next time,