A Look Back on 2016

Hey you guys,
so today I want to write a post just to reflect on almost everything that happened throughout the year 2016. A lot has happened this year but I really want to highlight on the big things that have happened.
Here we go.

March 2016
In March a bunch of things happened. So first I had a photo shoot with my friends that went really really well. We wanted to take photos because I wanted some photos to put into my portfolio and they wanted some photos or social media so in the outcome we really had some good photos.
The next thing that happened was PROM TIME! My mom and I went prom dress shopping where I found my beautiful blue prom dress. After we went shopping I went to The Cheesecake Factory for the fist time and the food was absolutely amazing.

April 2016  
In April two really big events happened first I went for a college visit at one of my dream schools, The Savannah College of Art and Design. I toured the fashion department which is where I hope to major in. The tour was amazing and I really hope to get into that school.
Next I was in my first theatre performance, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. I played a small minor character named 3. In the play I have about ten lines but I did have a lot of songs and dances to learn so the overall experience was good.

July 2016

In July I went to Boston, Massachusetts to visit family members. I only went to Massachusetts one other time when I was young but I don't remember it much. When I went this time I went by plane which I never done before. Boston was absolutely amazing. We went shopping and went downtown, the whole experience was great.

July 2016 - December 2016

During this year I also endured my last year of marching band. If you did not know I played the clarinet for seven years almost and I did marching band each year of high school. I also got the chance to become clarinet co-section leader which also brought me closer to the other clarinet players shown above.
Marching band has been a very bumpy ride this year taken for granted that it was my last year so I was already an emotional mess but I have to say that my final year was my best so far, I just wish I can start over and do it all again.

November 2016

So also I also got a chance to be apart of the Philadelphia Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade with the marching band. I have looked at some colleges in Philadelphia but I wasn't sure about the area but after being there for a week I have to say that it is absolutely amazing. The whole town is very historical and there were so many museums and tours everywhere. As for the parade it went awesome. I couldn't get any pictures because I was in it but the parade was a big success. I can't wait to go back soon one day.

December 2016
In December it's Christmas. I decided to do my first ever blog series #samara's12daysuntilchristmas. My series was so much fun to do because I like to stay busy so doing these posts really kept me bust and on top of my game and for my first series it went pretty well.

I have to say 2016 was the best year that I have had thus far. I have done many things and met many people this year. I am really excited for 2017. I graduate this year, will find out what college I am going to, also I have my senior prom this year and hopefully will get a car. So I feel like 2017 will be the year of growing and becoming more independent and I have to say that I can't wait !!
Tell me down below what your excited to do/happen in 2017 because we are all going into the year together :)
Until next year,

Christmas Eve | 1 More Day Until Christmas

( Yes that is me in the above photo. I think I was in first grade when I made this )

I am so excited because Christmas is tomorrow. I was just thinking about what to do next week because I don't have that much planned but it will be the best time to go a little after Christmas shopping and preparing for New Years. So many great things happened to me in 2016 that I will probably make a post about everything that has happened, but that is later on next week.

So I just wanted to show you guys some photos of my Christmas tree. We have a old kind of silver and gold toned tree. I find it very vintage and girly almost but its different. I took theses pictures before we put all the other presents under the tree which I will show you guys what it looks like now on my instagram @samara.marsha . I have to say wrapping presents is a lot because it nearly took me around 2-3 hours to wrap everything.

Now since it's Christmas Eve we will be making Christmas dinner tonight. What I like about Christmas dinner is that it's almost like Thanksgiving dinner but more festive and with a lot of desserts. So far I know we are having ham,turkey, green beans but knowing my family there will be plenty more food coming along.

Well those are just my Christmas Eve plans/ my present wrapping, explaining my Christmas tree post, lol. I just wanted to talk about some of the things that I have done for Christmas over the years. Things might be different next year as I am going off to college but hopefully I can come back and visit. Please down below tell me your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day plans because I would love to hear everyone's Christmas traditions.

Until Tomorrow,

Outside Christmas Decorations | 3 Days Until Christmas

RUNDOWN // Sweater - Amazon // Pants - H&M // Boots - Payless

Hey you guys,
So this isn't really much of a fashion post but more of a decorating outside post. So I was outside kind of fixing up the decorations outside because most of them were not installed correctly. So I just thought I would show you guys some of the decorations that we have outside. My favorite things are the inflatable Mickey and Snowman. I think they just really bring a more fun atmosphere to the year. After that we have a lot of Charlie Brown decorations as well because who doesn't want Snoopy in their yard ?? lol

Well that is all for today. Tomorrow I will maybe post my indoor decorations because After this week I won't see them again for another year.

Until Next Time,

Mini Christmas Photo Shoot | 5 Days Until Christmas


Hey you guys,
So as I am just sitting at home for the holidays and I get really bored easily so I thought it would be fun to have a mini photo shoot. I think photo shoots are a fun way to have fun when you are bored especially around the holidays. Since Christmas is around the corner I got all of my Christmas props and just had some fun posing with them, I even included my sister in some pictures.

I hoped you guys enjoyed this post. I really did have fun doing this as you can see I was just goofing off in most of the pictures. Let me know if you are going to or did a Christmas photo shoot because I love looking at Christmas themed photo shoots, they are just so festive.

Until tomorrow,


Holiday Makeup | 6 Days Until Christmas

Hey you guys,
So today I have a holiday makeup look for you guys. I tried to zoom in on my face so you guys can see the makeup but it did not work out that well. I think as time goes on and the more I do beauty posts like this I will hopefully improve.

First I took my CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation and used a beauty blender to apply it all over my face.

I then took a darker foundation and used that for a contour. I have not found a good bronzer to use so I used just a darker foundation and blend it in to act as a contour.

Next I took my Maybelline Fit Me Powder to set the foundation.

Literally the Carli Bybel palette is my favorite palette thus far because the colors in here are so beautiful. The four bottom colors are highlights so I used a mix of the two darker highlight for my highlight.

After that I use my Naked 2 Palette and use the color Verve which is the silver toned color on my lid. Then I take the dark brown and use that on the out corners of my eyes to make a smoky eye effect.

 You can probably see that this palette is in pretty bad shape well that is mostly because I have had this for almost two years. So if you want something that lasts defiantly get one of the naked palettes because they last a long time.

Next I used a glitter eye shadow to put on my lids. This is actually glitter eyeliner, I took a picture of the wrong thing but if you didn't have glitter eye shadow you can use glitter eyeliner as a substitute.

Next I just take a black eyeliner that I acturally got from the dollar store because I was in a pinch and needed some eyeliner but I just use that to make a cat wing.

Then I take the Maybelline Colossal Mascara and apply it to my eyelashes.

Lastly I used a black eye shadow and black eyebrow pencil to fill in and shape my brows.
Then after that I used this finishing spray to set my face so it can stay still all day.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. This I think is my first beauty post that I have made so please tell me what you think about it.

Until tomorrow,

Winter Outfit | 7 Days Until Christmas

RUNDOWN // Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Jeans - Forever21 // Boots - Charlotte Russe // Purse - Gucci // Bangles - Forever21

Hey you guys,
So in my last post I said I would be really busy yesterday and sure enough I was so I never got a chance to post yesterday but later on down the week I might post twice to make up for the one
Now on to the post I just have here a nice winter outfit that you can wear to a dinner or if you just want to look nice while your going somewhere. Usually I would have a coat on but it was a little bit on the warmer side but it was still a little chilly t the same time so I just opted for a big sweater.

I really love oversized sweaters because I can wear them with jeans, leggings or even wear it as a dress and pair them with over the knee boots. This sweater is from Charlotte Russe and I just love the design of the small little holes and the two zippers on the side. Next I just paired the sweater with some black jeans from Forever21 to make the whole outfit looks a little dressy. I paired them with these botties from Charlotte Russe as well and let me tell you that theses are my most worn pair of shoes EVER. I was so glad when I bought these booties and if you ever come across a pair similar to these I suggest you buy them because you can pair them with almost anything. Since I had this black and white theme going I wanted to pair it with a purse with a bit of color so I got my red Gucci purse to really bring out the outfit. Lastly if you can see them, my sleeves were to long so they mostly covered the silver bangles I got from Forever21.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. I have already got started on other posts that I will be uploading later this week and I can't wait for you guys to see them.

Until tomorrow,