Christmas Season

( Note: The picture came out really blurry due to the lighting and my camera. Hopefully I plan to have my next picture more focus and less blurry. )

Rundown // Dress - Macys // Shoes - Charlotte Russe // Necklace - Rue21 // Bangles - Rue21

Hey Everyone.
So today I am posting pictures of the outfit I wore yesterday.  Yesterday I had a Christmas concert where as apart of the youth choir we sang Christmas Carols. It seems a little late since Christmas was on Friday and we had the concert on Monday but the few days after Christmas until New Years is still technically the Christmas season so we just went by that.

In advance I want to say sorry about the blurriness of the pictures, it was kind of hard to take pictures in inside the building with the lighting we had. Actually for the New Year it is one of my goals to take better pictures. I try to take picture whenever I can but they don't come out the right way all the time. I am going to try to look up some tricks and tips to taking pictures or invest in a new camera.

So first off in my outfit I am wearing a nice knee length body con dress. What I liked about this dress that it really made me stand out and help me look more mature. Plus on top of it all it was a nice fit and not to revealing. Next thing I am wearing is these high heels from Charlotte Russe. I have worn these before and they are not the most comfortable shoes to wear but they are manageable. Last thing is my jewelry. My bubble necklace is from Rue21. I have to say this is my all time favorite necklace, I can wear it with absolutely anything. Then my bangles are from Rue21 as well, which I got on sale for like $5.

So New Years Eve is tomorrow and I'm so excited for the new year. I have new things that I am going to be working as far as new location to video shoot, and then I have prom, and also some photography shoots to do.

I hope you guys have a fun and exciting New Year.

Until next year,

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Christmas Tag | 2015

                    Okay so Christmas is only a few days away, and I really have not posted much this season, so I am just going to do a short Christmas tag.
          I have possibly two post coming up, one on Christmas eve/Christmas day and one coming next Tuesday showcasing my holiday concert.

So these are questions I have gather from other tag and added my own in as well.

1.) Favorite Christmas song?
I would have to say "All I want for Christmas is you" by Mariah Carey. I don't know its just one of the first holiday songs I listen to once the Christmas season comes around.

2.) Favorite Christmas movie?
It is probably a tie between the Polar Express and Grandma got run over by a reindeer. These two movies come on every year and my Christmas is literally not complete not unless I watch them.

3.) Favorite Christmas makeup product/look ?

I would have to say this glitter eyeliner. When I think of the holidays I think of sparkly and flashy things. I think the adding some shimmer to your eyelids is a perfect way to be festive for the holidays.

4.) Favorite Christmas memory
I have to say mines was I think the Christmas of 2013 when I went to Florida. I have to say I liked that Christmas because it was different then waking up and opening the presents. Don't get me wrong I love doing that but sometimes its fun to do something different, I mean can you say you have been swimming on Christmas day ?

5.) Christmas plans this year ?
Well I have a short service at my church on Christmas Eve. I think it will be exciting but the only thing is that it start at 9:00 and will most likely not be done until 11:00 pm, which means I might be sleeping in on Christmas day but I think the excitement of presents will not keep me asleep for to long. 

6.) Christmas tree decorations
( My Christmas tree is up above )
Okay so each year we decorate our tree in silver and gold ornaments. I like the colors because I feel as if it brings a southern vintage vibe. We also put other things on there as well like fake flowers, and icicles. Then on the top we put two bows on top, one in the front which is gold and one in the back which is silver.

7.) Favorite thing about Christmas ?
I have to say the only thing I really like the most about Christmas is that everybody is very happy and jolly. It's the time to spend time with family and friends and sing Christmas carols and watch Christmas movies over and over again. It's also the time to give to your friends and family by giving them a present that you know they will love, cause seriously I bought present for peoples this year  and like literally have like no money now but will all be worth it once I see their faces when they get their gifts.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this tag. I wanted to make it short and sweet and not like a bunch a paragraphs. My next post might be on Christmas day or the day after on the 26th. If I don't have those posted then I will defiantly have one next Tuesday. So just be on the lookout for that.

Until next time,

( 2 more days until Christmas ) 

Cozy Casual

Rundown // Sweater - Amazon // Boyfriend Jeans - Forever21 // Shoes - Converse // Jackets - Unknown //

Hello you guys.

So for this outfit I was looking for a more comfortable look that was both cozy, stylish and warm. So I started off with one of my biggest sweater which I got from Amazon. What I really like about this sweater is that its so well cozy and warm. The sleeves are kind of baggy but it said it was made to be baggy, because literally this is a medium and it fit really big. Next I took my favorite jeans of all time, the boyfriend jeans for a loose fitting look. What I really like about these jeans is well mainly because they are not skinny and I love the distress look to them which is great for dressing up or down. I paired the whole outfit with my white converse because I already have this loose sporty look going on and I wanted to still keep is casual so I paired it with these converse. When I went out it got pretty cold so I just put on my black trench coat to keep me warm.

I hope you like this post. I really feel like this is a different post as supposed to all my  other post where I am dressed up. I will try to do more post like tags and I am working on doing DIY'S as well. I really want to try to do a variety of more things and make it more then a fashion blog.

Until next time,