Trip to GoodWill + Small Hual

Rundown // Shirt - Forever21 // Cardigan - Old Navy // Pants - Target // Shoes - Local Shoe Boutique

Hey you guys,
Today I have this short little post about my trip to Goodwill. GoodWill is one of my all time favorite places to go thrifting because you really never know what you can find. I have litterally seen name brands from Nike to Adidas inside some GoodWill stores. Also another positive thing about Goodwill is that it can be fairly cheap. All the items are on one rack and the price will be on the end of that rack. The price depends on the items like for example womens tops would cost less then womens jackets. The Jackets at my local Goodwill were $10 each but there was a sale going on so when I bought a jacket I got it for only $7.
So there you have it! I just thought that I would share my love of thrifting and shopping as well. I did buy a few pieces so have a look down below at what I got.

Fall is in full effect so I thought I would get a few long sleeve pieces. First I bought two turtlenecks both in white and this marroon color. I got theses each for I think $5 so it was a total steal. You will definitely see theses in some upcoming lookbooks. Next I have this black, white and grey sweater which is super warm and fuzzy on the inside. Lastly I have a Tommy Hilifiger Coat which is the jacket I got for $7. Like I said you can find such great items in Goodwill from name brands so when I came across this coat I said I have to have it. Unfortunaly it is not my size so I am currently selling it on Poshmark ( User name @stylebysamara ). I really do like the jacket and I wish it fit. I was with a friend when I went to Goodwill and sometimes when your having fun shopping with someone you forget to do things like try the jacet on to make sure it fit. Oh well, now I can give this coat a new loving home.


That is it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it. Comment down below if you ever been thrifting before.

Until Next Time,

Red as Roses

Rundown // Top - Forever21 // Jeans - Ross // Slides - Local Shoe Boutique // Purse - Michel Kors 

Hey you guys,
I hope you all had a good Halloween. I acturally went trick or treating and got a pretty decent amount of candy which I finished litteraly the next day. So anyways, recently I went to my local Rita's to get some Italian ice but once I got there I found out it was closed for the season. It's pretty upseting because it's my favorite place to get Italian Ice, and if you have never tried then I suggest you do because it is so deliocious. So after my friend and I found out that it was closed we just took some pictures at one of the nearby diners. The area was really nice and reminded me of the ones that you would see on Tv so it was the perfect place for a photo otp.

Onto the outfit, first I am wearing a long sleeves hooded top from Forever21. What I really like about this top was that it has splits along the sides of the shirt which usually I don't like but since the top was a bit bigger on me it actrally looked well. Next I am wearing some plain old dark blue jeans from Ross. Then I have on my favorite slides from a local shoe boutique. Fun fact, theses slides acturally broke on me this past week so talk about another upsetting thing. Lastly I just have on my Michel Kors over the shoulder bag.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. Comment below you favorite holiday sweet treat. Since Rita's is closed for the season it looks like I'm going to starbucks and try some of their holiday drinks.

Until Next Time,

Things to do leading up to Halloween

    Hello you guys,
So I am not the super most Halloween person in the world but I do like to join in on the festivities. So here I am going to give you some ideas of what you can do to get into the Halloween spirit.

         Go to a Halloween Store / Buy a costume
This year I went to a store called Spirit of Haloween and it was just insane. In the store they had Halloween decorations, props and amazing costume. Their costume were even better then the ones at Party City, in my opinion. The first time I went was with my friends during the first week of October just to get in the spirit a little bit. So if you haven't done so I say just go to a Halloween store and look around at all the different costumes and decorations.

     Go to Starbucks
I have to say that I have been in the Starbucks  mood lately. Once Fall came around they had many fall flaovored drinks like The Maple Pecan  Latte, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or my favorite The Zombie Frapichinno. Now I only had the Zombie Frappichinno but I did hear that the Pumpkin Spice and the Maple Pecan are litterally Fall in a drink.

            Go to a Pumpkin Patch
Okay so I think that going to a pumkin patch is the best thing to do to get into the Halloween mood. I have not been to one this year so I am stictly going off of what people have told me. So apparently at pumpkin patches they have lots of pumpkins, and different festivies you can do depending on your local pumkin patch. Plus by going to a pumkin patch you have a great oppurtunity to take some great pictures.

     Watch Scary Movies
I don't watch scary movies at all but my family does everyday during the month of October and to be honest I am tired of them but Halloween is about getting scared so people opt to watch some of the classic scary movies like Friday the 13th and so on. So since I don't watch the scary movies I watch the more kid friendly movies like Casper, Monster House, and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. You can call me a kid but I absolutely love theses movies because they remind me of my childhood days.

         Go to a Haunted House
Scary is not my thing but you know sometimes you have to get out of your confort zone and live a little. Haunted houses are another good thing to do to get into the Halloween spirt because depending on the one you go to they can scare the pants right off of you. I haven't been to a haunted house in a few years so I am hoping to go to one in the next few days. Of course places like theses are perfect to go with your friends or even that special someone so that when your scared you can cuddle up to them. Ahhh times like theses is when the single life sucks.


Well that is all I have for today, I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment down below what festivities you will be doing for Halloween or the upcoming holiday season.
 Even though Halloween is like a time to have fun I stress to all you guys to be safe and be careful of your surroundings.

       Until Next Time,

Dress Up Sweats

Rundown // Top - Forever21 // Sweatpants - Forever21 // Shoes - Local Shoe Store // Purse - Michel Kors

Hello everyone,
So the weather is still kind of iffy and with that and my laziness getting dressed up is alot. Well it is to me. I'm pretty lazy. So I have found ways to dress up sweatpants. I think this really became a trend either last year or the year before last because you know when you want to be conformtable but yet still look like you tried, yeah that was me in this post and most of my senior year of high school.....
In all seriousness, I love to dress up sweatpants because you can still look cute while being confortable. It's the best of both worlds.

For my outfit deatils, both my top and sweatpants are from Forever21. I really like these sweatpants because of the white detailing it has on the sides and around the pocket. My advice for buying sweatpants that you can potentially dress up in is to buy the sweatpants from stores like Forever21 or H&M. Their sweatpants usually have cute detailings and unique styles and if your lucky they may even be on sale like mines were in this outfit. I opted just to wear my slides which I am truly going to miss when winter comes. Then lastly I just have my Michel Kors Purse just to hold my belongings. 

That is all for this post. I hoped you enjoyed. Comment down below if you like to dress up your sweatpants or if you just like to bum it in sweats.

Halloween is really close so next week I will hopefully put up a halloween inspired post. It is my goal and my mission to put one up so stay tuned!

Until Next Time,

Day to Night Challenge | AUrate New York


Hey you guys,
So I'm at this age where I can get more into the nightlife scene. Well not that much since I'm only nineteen so evening dinners and night time movies are basically my definition of nightlife but that still means the outfit has to look just as good. Now after I had a long day and I know I have to go out later that night I like to opt to wear a piece like a dress or jumpsuit during the day so that I can also wear it at night. The difference from making it a day to a night look is of course the accessories so things from outerwear, shoes and the jewelry.

If you look closely at my pictures you can see that I am not wearing any jewelry and that's mostly because my jewelry game is terrible. I literally don't have that many pieces of jewelry that I would like to have but I do venture off and look at a few jewelry companies that have some pretty unique pieces. One is AUrate New York which has some incredible pieces that focus on the quality of their products. One reason why my jewelry game is little to non excitant is that I tend to get pieces that are cheap, seriously I got a whole pack of earrings for like three dollars and they lasted me about two weeks before they started to fade in color. AUrate focuses a lot on the quality and pieces like theses would be perfect to wear for both day and night because you know they will last long.

AUrate currently has a project to express your perfect day to night look and how jewelry can impact it. I gladly accepted the challenge but since I didn't have jewelry in my looks I will add on what jewelry piece I would wear.

Day Outfit
Rundown // Dress - Macy's // Blouse - Forever21 // Shoes - Local Shoe Boutique

Current Outfit Details
The main focus of both my day and night looks is the dress. I opted for a nice flowy, floral print piece which was on sale for ten dollars. Again, TOTAL STEAL. The price was just a bonus as what really caught my attention was the floral print design. Next I wanted to dress it down a little bit so I went with a jean button up. To me honestly I feel like the button up adds a more casual look and feel to the outfit because normally while wearing this top I would throw on a pair of jeans. Lastly to really make the look more casual I wore theses slides. To be honest theses are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and I going to be quite sad when I have to store them away when winter comes. Like I might cry actual tears but that's because they are the perfect accessory to add to any day look.

Pieces I would add
When I wear jewelry I like to keep it to a minimal. I always go toward stud earrings because yes they are small but depending on the one you get they can really make a statement. If I were to focus on the quality of the earrings I would opt to wear theses Flower Earrings by AUrate. because well they have a beautiful flower design and it would totally match with the floral design on my dress. Next I would also add a purse but nothing to fancy. I actually cannot think of one that would really help the look but it would definitely be something fun and in a bright print.

Night Outfit
Rundown // Dress - Macy's // Shoes - Khol's // Purse - Michel Kors

( Note - I know it's not night in theses pictures but my photographer at the time could only meet me to take pictures during the evening. So it's not night but it's pretty close. )

Current Outfit Details
Okay so once we take off the button up we reveal a halter sleeve type look that has been very popular this year. The dress now screams nightlife so there was not much need to add to the look. For shoes I did go for tan sandals as to it really matched with the floral details and I added a black over the shoulder purse. I would much rather have a clutch for this look but if I'm going out I would rather have an over the shoulder purse to keep up with my belongings.

Pieces I would add
Same as before I would add the Flower Earrings by AUrate just to add a little sparkle to my outfit.

Well that is all I have for this look. Comment down below your typical day or night look.
I really had fun doing this challenge because I don't really do many challenges on my blog so it was fun to experience it.

Until Next Time,

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I was invited to be apart of this challenge which I accepted because I wanted to get out of my contort zone and try different post ideas.

Falling into Lilac

Rundown // Jumper - Forever21 // Sandals - Khol's

What do you do when it's finally Autumn, still 80 degrees where you live and you have a few summer pieces you still want to wear ? You have a photo shoot !! Okay so I am not fully done with my summer wardrobe yet because yes it's still in the eighties where I live so I can't fully break out the scarves and boots so I am trying to wear all my favorite pieces before the cold weather begins. I do have to say that it does get chilly at night now so there's a start.

My outfit details are really short as to most of my outfit is the Jumpsuit. I found this jumpsuit from Forever21 around mid June when I was looking for clothes for Barbados. What stood out to me was the lilac color as to lilac is becoming my new favorite color to wear. Also another thing that stood out to me was the style/the way it was designed. I feel like you can wear it during the day for a nice playful look and then you can also wear it at night for a party or maybe even date night. Also it was twenty dollars so I feel like it was a definite steal. Lastly I have my tan gladiator sandals from Khol's. It was a little hard to try to find a shoe that would match the jumpsuit so I thought that theses sandals were ok but in the future I would probably pair it with a nice white sandal.

That is it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed! I absolutely love doing photo shoots and sharing theses pictures with you guys as I go through this blogging journey. I Sometimes even look back at my old posts to see how far my style has come though each season, which right now I guess I am going through this summer into fall transition season.

Comment down below if you have started wearing your fall pieces or if your just holding onto your summer clothes a little bit longer.

Until Next Time,