I Hated 2017 with a Passion

This year just wasn't it for me.
I had high hopes and big plans, shoot I even graduated high school this year. I'm the class of 2017 but 2017 was by far one of the worst years I have experienced. 
I have gained weight in a very unhealthy way, didn't got to my school of choice, had to endure drama at senior prom and literally sat in my house for five months during my gap semester. Now I know there are people who have had it far worst and I can't compare but I feel like at the age of nineteen I have fully lost control of my life. I feel like I am leaving in fear, expecting the bad, worrying about everything and literally have no idea what career path I want to take on. This is what my 2017 has looked like. 

Now some good things did happened this year. I graduated high school, got my first car and went to Barbados. So there were some light between the darkness.  I feel like if I told this to anyone they would be like think of this year as growth but the thing is that I didn't grow this year. I am still the same person that I am in 2016 and believe it or not I was much stronger in 2016. 

2017 was I guess rest for me. Things were pretty laid back and maybe I needed that because all throughout high school I have put myself in stressful situations. Maybe I needed this time to sit back and realize that I don't want to be the typical person who goes to college for four year, get myself into huge debt, find a job that is somewhat close to what I wanted and work the rest of my life doing that one job. I don't want that! Yes I am going to college but my college degree is my backup plan. I am going to do what I want in life and I am going to let my college years be the year that I grow and become a better person and to learn.  I'll be ok in 2018. 2018 will be ok. 


Some of you may have noticed but for those who haven't I have another blog post using theses pictures. I decided to use theses photos because there was just something about them. I didn't really like them and it really symbolizes a point in my life where I felt lost and bored. I decided to use theses photos for a one last take on 2017 before I enter 2018. 

Now I don't like setting goals in the beginning of a year just to forget about them in a month but I start college in less then a week so I feel like I can actually achieve theses goals because I will be in a new enviorment.
Some of my goals include:

• Get good grades •Lose ten pounds • Learn to drive on a highway • Meet more genuine people• Grow my social media • Learn more about wrestling ( Long Story ) 
• Reach 100 followers on my blog Start a YouTube Channel

I feel like theses goals will help me just start over. Theses goals can help start to what I want to accomplish in the long run and to what will get my in better shape for 2019. 

Well that is my little rant on 2017! I hope you all have a great new year. Comment down below your new years resolutions.
I want you all to know that no matter what you are going thought just remember that you are not alone and you will get thought it.

Until Next Year,

Things to do leading up to Christmas

Hi there,
Can you believe that Chirstmas is in two days!! Like seriously it was just thanksgiving like last week. Anyways, I love being festive and doing activities just to get into the mood a little bit because well it just makes you more jolly. So today I thought I would list some activities that could get you into the holiday spirit. 


If you know me then you know why I put shopping in all caps with explenation points and its because I love to go shopping. Now you really have to love shopping in order to do it during the holidays because there will be some long, very long lines. Other than that shopping for others can put you in a good mood. When I was shopping for my family memebers I was so happy because I was getting the things that they wanted so I know when they open their presents on Christmas they will be happy.

Build a Gingerbread House

Okay so right after Thanksgiving we bought a gingerbread house and it was a mess but it was fun too. Grab all you little siblings and sit and make houses and avoid a sugar rush. Now a sugar rush may not sound ideal but making a ginger bread house is will definitely entertain the little ones.

Watch Chrsitmas Movies

This one I am pretty sure everyone does. When Christmas is approaching then all the Christmas specials and movies come out and they are so fun to watch especially if you gather your family to watch them. My favorites include Charlie Brown, The Polar Exoress, and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reigndeer. 

Make Christmas Dishes

As in dishes I mean food. Every year we make Christmas cookies in which we use the ones where you just pop them into the oven but I have also seen others make them from scratch. There also maybe other cakes and just festive little snacks you can make with your friends and family as well.

Sing Christmas Carols / Listen to Christmas  Songs 

Typing this while listening to All I want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey.
What better way to get into Chrsitmas Spirit then to sing along to all your favorite Chrsitmas songs. What we do in my family is that we listen to them while decorating the tree but oranaments and little kids dancing do not mix well so be careful if you do that. 

Chistmas Photoshoot

A lot of people take Christmas photos around the holidays for their Christmas cards. Now if your like my family and  only take group photos once in every blue moon then you can definitely take some on your own. Grab a friend and take some photos by your Chirstmas tree and post them on Instagram. 


Well that is all I have for this post! Comment down below what you like to do to get into the holiday spirit. I wish all of you a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! Here is cheers to 2018!!

Until Next Time,

Holiday Outfit Ideas

Hello you guys,
Okay so I took a little break of a week for my blog and about a month from Instagram just to relax a little bit but I am back now. Christmas is in 10 minus 10 days so what better way to get into the spirit then to post some holiday outfit ideas!! I was going to film this because I want to start making more YouTube videos but my studio lightbulbs broke and I have to order some new ones ... yay. So the other althernative was just to take pictures of the outfits instead so please take a look below.

Outfit 1  

Rundown // Jacket - Wetseal // Dress - Macy's // Shoes - DSW

So if your going on a date or just want to look nice for Christmas dinner then why not wear a nice holiday dress. I got this dress from Macy's and it's really clings to you and shows off your curves. I paired it with this jean jacket because honestly I liked the colors together but the jacket is totally optional. Lastly, I have some pointed, stapped flats from DSW.

Outfit 2 

Rundown // Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Leggings - Walmart // Boots - DD'S Discount 

This is my everyday look to be honest but let's call it my Christmas shopping look.
First I have this really big oversized sweater from Charlotte Russe which is nice and warm so it's perfect for winter. Next I just have some plain black leggings from Walmart which if you look closely they have little winter patterns on it, I guess that is what you call it. Lastly, I have theses super cute brown leather boots from DD's Discount.

Outfit 3 

Rundown // Top - Old Navy // Leggings - Walmart // Boots - Old Navy

I don't know what to call this look. It's kind of festive but in a laid back kind of way. First we have a maroon, velvet top from Old Navy. Velvet is so in this season so I was so excited to get my hands on this top. Next I have reindeer and snowflake printed leggings from Walmart and let me say that Walmart has the hookup on all things festive this year. Lastly, I have theses black boots from Old Navy. 

 Outfit 4 

Rundown // Sweater - Grandmother's // Top - GoodWill // Pants - Forever21 // Boots - Old Navy 

This outfit can be used for anything to a Christmas shopping look, or a Christmas party look, or even a Christmas dinner look. First I have this snowman printed sweater from my grandmother's closet. Then I have a white turtleneck from Goodwill. Then some regular blue jeans from Forever21 and then my black boots from Old Navy.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed!! Comment down below which outfit was your favorite.

Until Next Time,

Note: My comment section has been acting weird for a while. Sometimes when one person comments something I can't reply. I am working to fix this issue but just know I apprciate all of your comments!! 

DIY Rose Water

Hello you guys,
So today I have a post on how to make your own rose water. One day I was literally sitting at home and was bored and I came across pictures of someone using rose water and I wondered what it was and why people use it. Once I looked up some information on it there was lot of benefits to using it.

Some include
*It hydrates your skin
*Soothes sunburn
*Maintains your skin's pH balance
*The aroma of the rose can make you feel more relaxed

It sounded interesting so I gathered the materials and made it for myself.

Materials you need / What I used
Rose petals ( preferably red )
 Spray bottle
 Pot of water
 Measuring cup
A spoon or utensil to stir the petals

Note: When it comes to DIY projects I usually eyeball everything but there are other posts and articles of this DIY you can use that may have exact time and measurements.

Okay so first you want to take the rose petals off. I think I used about two or three roses so you don't need to use a lot of the flowers in your bouquet if you don't want.

After that you put some water in pot and put it on the stove. I filled up my pot about 3/4 way and put it on meduim heat. Once you put the pot on the stove and turn on the heat you can go ahead and put the rose petals in.

I just let the rose petals sit and boil a little. You will know when it's ready when the rose petals start to lose color and the water turns color. So since I had a lot of red rose petals my water turned red. 

Then once it was done I took the stove off the pot and turned the heat setting off. I took out the rose petals and put them on a plate which I then put in the trash. I then had the water left which I put in a measuring cup and then put into the fridge. I would say leave it in for about and hour  or until water become cool. 

Next after your water has cooled you are going to want to put your rose water in a spray bottle. You can buy one but what I did was that I had a old perfume bottle that I used. I just cleaned the bottle out and put the rose water in. 

You now have your very own rose water which you can now use.

Well that is all I have for this post.
I hoped you guys enjoyed. Comment down below if you ever tried or hear of rose water.
When I talk about rose water I get some people who know what it is and then there are others who have no idea what I am talking about.

Until Next Time,

Black Friday Deals 2017

Hello you guys, 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I am super thankful for all of you and the entire blogging community. If it wasn't for blogging and other bloggers I would have never found my personal style and found my love for blogging. I am getting a little sappy here but I do wish you you all a very happy holidays!!

Now on to the good stuff ...... SHOPPING!!!
If you guys know me then you know that I love to go shopping especially for clothes. So today I just have a few black friday deals I want to inform you guys about. Some are from my favorite stores while others are just some of the more popular sales.

I just have some photos of me at Forever21 because I swear I live in this store but anayways on to the black friday slaes and deals.

Victoria Secret 
I have seriously gotten emails from Victoria Secret all week about sales and deals they are having. For beauty products they have 2 for $25 perfumes and 20%-35% off all gift sets. As for clothes they have $30 campus crews and $30 leggings. The deals don't end there so I am pretty sure there will be a lot of peopleschecking out Victoria Secret.


As far as I know there are going to be many Black Friday doorbusters all throughout the store. I can see the lines now.

Charlotte Russe 
For in stores and online they have everything for $20 or less and if you you buy online everythin ships free.


From what I can tell there is 60% sale going on throught  the whole store.

I think for Walmart they are going to have sales for many of their electonics. Every year on Thanksgiving we go to Wlamart to see what kind of deals we can spot. That is usually followed with maybe a argument dispute but that's the spirt of Black Friday right? No but seiously be carful out ther you guys.

Up to 50% off and free worldwide shipping on selected lines only.


Up to 50% off everything with the code CYBER50!

Old Navy
They have up to 50% you entire purchase. This is one of my favorite stores but it can sometimes be a little expensive so 50% all store wide will be a definite stop ... maybe.


Well that is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed. Comment down below if your going Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or just regular Christmas Shopping!
I know my family is going Black Firday shopping but going shopping as a family can be a lot so I might not go to the store I acturally want to go to but if I do shopping and get some items I will best be sure to show you guys in a small little haul.

Until Next Time,

Trip to GoodWill + Small Hual

Rundown // Shirt - Forever21 // Cardigan - Old Navy // Pants - Target // Shoes - Local Shoe Boutique

Hey you guys,
Today I have this short little post about my trip to Goodwill. GoodWill is one of my all time favorite places to go thrifting because you really never know what you can find. I have litterally seen name brands from Nike to Adidas inside some GoodWill stores. Also another positive thing about Goodwill is that it can be fairly cheap. All the items are on one rack and the price will be on the end of that rack. The price depends on the items like for example womens tops would cost less then womens jackets. The Jackets at my local Goodwill were $10 each but there was a sale going on so when I bought a jacket I got it for only $7.
So there you have it! I just thought that I would share my love of thrifting and shopping as well. I did buy a few pieces so have a look down below at what I got.

Fall is in full effect so I thought I would get a few long sleeve pieces. First I bought two turtlenecks both in white and this marroon color. I got theses each for I think $5 so it was a total steal. You will definitely see theses in some upcoming lookbooks. Next I have this black, white and grey sweater which is super warm and fuzzy on the inside. Lastly I have a Tommy Hilifiger Coat which is the jacket I got for $7. Like I said you can find such great items in Goodwill from name brands so when I came across this coat I said I have to have it. Unfortunaly it is not my size so I am currently selling it on Poshmark ( User name @stylebysamara ). I really do like the jacket and I wish it fit. I was with a friend when I went to Goodwill and sometimes when your having fun shopping with someone you forget to do things like try the jacet on to make sure it fit. Oh well, now I can give this coat a new loving home.


That is it for today's post, I hope you enjoyed it. Comment down below if you ever been thrifting before.

Until Next Time,