About Me

A little about me:

I am a 18 year old dreamer. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be everything. An actress, model, fashion designer, dancer, artist, news anchor, you name it. Most of these things came and went but I have always been interested into fashion and beauty. Fashion was my outlet to express myself, be noticed, and feel super confident. I call middle school my trouble years and that was where my confidence was at an all time low. I used to wear a jacket everyday because I didn't want to be out there and exposed. I wasn't until the 8th grade where I finally realized that I was being completely bogus and realized that I hid from everything.

Next thing you know I graduated middle school and that summer well I kind of got everything together. I started reading fashion magazines and even made an account on Polyvore which helped my fashion inspiration. That summer I started  being more out there and meeting new peoples and that is how I got here today. Now don't get me wrong I could still need help in that area but now I want to help other and show other peoples how much fashion can impact your life.

Aside from fashion I also do many other thing. For intense I am in band. I have been playing the clarinet for about seven years now and been doing marching band for four years. I am also interested in drama. I have been in and out of drama clubs because of weird scheduling and so on but soon I might take a drama class which I am  really excited for. I love dancing but I am not good at it at all but I just dance like no one is watching me literally, hahaha.

I am very open to others so while I go on this fashion journey I really hope you consider coming along for the ride.